The following is a statement of the ethics that apply to the Squick or Squee Podcast project.

The material discussed on the Squick or Squee Podcast is sexual in nature and may also include depictions of suffering and violence.

This material is definitely not suitable for minors, so if you are not of legal age to be listening to material like this in the jurisdiction where you live, please do not listen. We shall be happy to have you back in a few years when this material is appropriate for you. This podcast might also discuss matters involving the abuse, suffering, and even death of fictional characters. If such discussions are likely to undermine your mental health or well-being we likewise urge you to please not listen.

For everyone else, who we presume are all adults with a desire to hear this material, we are proceeding on the assumption that you have an adult understanding of the distinction between fantasy and reality. In fantasy, the inspiriting play of which does so much to help us through the misery of day-to-day existence, you may imagine what you like, without regard to whether what you imagine conforms to social norms of appropriate behavior. In reality, we insist that every human being deserves to be treated with decency, compassion, and respect. We do not advocate or condone any form of mistreatment or violence against anyone whomsoever, and we expect that our interviewees and anyone else associated with this podcast will share this point of view.

Thank you for reading this statement. We hope you enjoy the podcast.

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